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Thursday, 21 February 2013

2013. What a Year so Far

2013.  What a year so far.
Music Blogs

Rock 'N' Roll in my Soul Music Blog

I considered 2012, and all the things that had happened musically.  I was delighted and content knowing I had achieved and made so many new musical steps, particularly in the right direction.  Towards the end of 2012 I had spoken to Rudeina from Rock 'N' Roll in my Soul Music Blog and she had politely agreed to review some of my music on the Blog.  I was absolutely delighted by this.  I knew that this would happen at some point, but didn't think it would be up before the year was out.  To my surprise and great delight, Rudeina had not only finished the review but posted it on the very last day of the year.  I read the review and am still in awe of the compliments and comparisons made; described as "...a songwriter with a passion for words and a musician with a passion for melody".  Amazingly written piece, and an amazing way to end 2012.  The review gave me a big confidence boost moving into 2013.

Read the review here: 

Ralph's Life Music Blog

Literally days into the new year, I was told by Ralph - the lovely dog that he is, and Mike that they would be reviewing some of my music in Ralph's Blog soon.  I was excited to see the review.  I had spoken to Mike and Ralph before the new year and was aware something may be written.  When the review was published I was very appreciative of the compliments and comparisons made to my music.  I tried to get as many people to read both Rudeina's and Ralph's reviews via Twitter, to give people an idea of what my music is like voiced by music bloggers.  I have been delighted to be 1st in Ralph's 'Top Ten Blogged Band Chart' for three consecutive weeks - being 2nd the two weeks previous to these.  The review has been fantastic in helping get attention.

Read the review here:

Les Addiction D'Emilie Music Blog

With the music blogs who had already written about my music, I was very content and happy.  I was then also told in January of this year that Emily Desmedt AKA EmilyfromFrance was also doing a review of my music for her wonderful music blog.  I was so excited to have another review and by such a brilliant reviewer. Emily wrote a wonderful piece, very vivid and colourful.  She was very kind in her compliments and I was extremely happy to share this review with as many people as I could.

Read the review here:

All Reviews


Freaky pug PR/Records - Q&A Interview (Sept 2012)
Niji Magazine - Feature (Sept 2012)
Intamission Music - Introducing (Oct 2012)
Intamission Music - Song of the Week (UFO) (Dec 2012)
Rock N Roll in my Soul Music Blog (Dec 2012)
Ralph's Life Music Blog (Jan 2013)
Les Addictions D'Emilie Music Blog (Jan 2013)
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Vinegar Tits Blog (Feb 2013)


2012 saw my music played on numerous radio stations which I was very happy about.  This was something I had sought after.  A bit more publicity, a few more people hearing my music.  I was very happy with the exposure it was getting, and was very happy to find my track 'UFO' being played on Indie Minded Radio on New Year's Eve 2012.  This also just gave me that confidence boost I needed to know I was doing things right with my music.  So, when 2013 hit, I carried on the way I had ended the previous year.  I contacted radio stations asking for some air time.  I have been played on:

The Wall Rock Radio (Sep 2012) UK
Unsigned Music Show (Sep 2012) UK
Harrow Community Radio (Oct 2012) UK
Radioactive Scotland (Oct/Nov 2012) UK
Indie Minded Radio (Dec 2012) US
Slip Stream Radio (Jan 2013) US
Krank It Radio - CRUISIN (Jan 2013) US
John's Rock Show Radio (Jan 2013) UK
Dunoon Community Radio (Jan 2013) UK
Oystermouth Community Radio - Re Wired Show(Jan 2013) UK 
Zest Radio Show (Jan 2013)
Foard Media - Coast FM (Jan 2013) US
On Air - Indie Show Radio (Jan 2013) UK
Chestnut Radio - CRUISIN (Jan 2013) US
WROM Radio - CRUISIN (Jan 2013) US
Your Crap Local DJ - Twitter Radio Show (Jan 2013) UK
Bridge FM - Ronny and Joe's Wee Show (Jan 2013) UK
Ecos Radio (Jan 2013) Venezuela
Radio KC - Ralph's Show (Feb 2013) France/UK
Rock Estacion (Feb 2013) Columbia
Rockers Dive Radio (Feb 2013) Jordan
I have had to make a short radio-edit version of 'UFO' for some radio stations, which has been pretty cool and interesting to try and edit.  I am constantly chatting to other radio stations about further air play of my music.

Compilation Albums

I have had some success getting featured on compilation albums this year, which was one of my main aims.  I love the idea of being on an album full of other musicians, with all the different sounds and talented people.  I have been lucky enough to be featured on Red Dragon Records compilation album and Hourglass Recordings.


1st Renaissance - Red Dragon Records - UFO (7/1/13)
Indievidual Volume Two - Hourglass Recordings (18/2/13)

Revolution - Brit Rock Army - UFO (TBC 2013)

Other features, etc

I have been in different charts this year including Ralph's Life Top Ten Blogged Band Chart where I have been No.1 three times in a row, and No.2 4 times.  I have had my song 'Roadtrippin'' hit number 20 in John's Rock Show Rock Chart.  I have had my song UFO featured on Straight to your Head Podcast on iTunes.

I have also featured on my friend and musician Stuart Carroll's new song 'Discard', which was absolutely amazing to feature on.  I have also had my song 'A Story of a Wall' from my new album 'The Orange Line' remixed by Carmine entitled 'The Sky Above & The Earth Below'.  It is an epic remix and I am delighted with the result.


Vixen - Part 1, 2, 3 & 4 (AFTER. THE. RUSH. HOUR'S. GONE) with Live at Drawing 
Room, 2008 b-side - through FreakyPug PR/Records (Nov 2012)


Ralph's Life Music Blog - Top Ten Blogged Band Chart 
- 5/1/13 - No.2
-12/1/13 - No.2
-19/1/13 - No.1
-26/1/13 - No.1
- 2/1/13 - No.1
- 9/1/13 - No.2
-16/1/13 - No.2
John's Rock Show Rock Chart 
- 23/1/13 - 'Roadtrippin'' reached No.20

Straight to your Head Podcast (UFO) -

'Discard (Vocals - Wullae Wright)' by Stuart Carroll -

'The Sky Above & The Earth Below (ft Wullae Wright) -

There is a lot more coming in the next few months, and I would like to thank everyone who has helped promote my music, helped review it, and just generally has listened to it and likes it.  That is what it is all about.

Watch this space,


Tuesday, 18 December 2012

1st Renaissance

Listen to many of the songs from '1st Renaissance', due for release on 7/1/2013 by Red Dragon Records.  It features my track 'UFO'.

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type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="450" height="200" />   Watch this space,   Wullae

Monday, 17 December 2012

Radio, Reviews and Twitter III

November and December have been such busy months. I have had no time to record at all, which can be frustrating at times as 'The Orange Line' is sounding very good at the moment. I have had some great opportunities, and support over these last few months. I have had to make difficult decisions; and am still pursuing opportunities where I can. Here is a round up of the last few months:

Freaky Pug PR/Records

I began November being very very excited. I had discussed terms etc with Freaky Pug PR/Records, and was delighted to become a Freaky Artist. Freaky Pug really did go that extra mile for me and were extremely professional throughout. We had agreed to release certain materials, and I was very very excited to be doing this.

Unfortunately, just over a week or so of being a Freaky Artist, I had many personal circumstances going on that pushed me into ending the agreement with Freaky Pug, and so no longer being a Freaky Artist and able to. continue my work with them. We had discussed the release of my first single 'Vixen - Part 1, 2, 3, & 4' from my 2008 album 'AFTER. THE. RUSH. HOUR'S. GONE' which I was unable to pursue fully with them. In all honestly, I was completely gutted about all this. Freaky Pug throughout this time were extremely professional and understanding. They have been fantastic to work with and I hold them in high regard. Very very dedicated people.

Radioactive Scotland and Harrow Community Radio

I have had more radio stations play my songs. In November I had 'Merchant City Man' played by Joan on Radioactive Scotland. In December I also had 'UFO' played on Joan's show. I also had 'UFO' played by Alex Irons on Harrow Community Radio. Has been excellent to get the songs exposure, especially 'UFO' which is one of my most current works-in-progress. Very happy with this.

Intamision Music - Song of the Week

Intamission music had previously reviewed my music and I was delighted by the comments about my music and sound generally. They were seeking a Song of the Week, and bands/musicians to review etc. So I contacted them suggesting they use my track 'UFO' as their song of the week. I was delighted to find a message sent by Intamission music saying they were going to make 'UFO' their Song of the Week. This is fantastic exposure for the song, and has seen the song receive quite a good few more listens. I am very thankful to the guys at Intamission music for this. Great support by great people.

Brit Rock Army - 'Revolution' Compilation album

Early December I received the confirmation regarding the Brit Rock Army compilation album I'd been hoping for - 'UFO' made it onto the album 'Revolution'. Due to everyone voting on Brit Rock Army's Facebook link, myself and 29 other musicians/bands made it onto the album. I am delighted by this and am able to work with the talented and dedicated Brit Rock Army and Freaky Pug PR/Records. This album will be out early 2013, date TBC.

Amazon Music, itunes, etc

Due to the compilation album release and initial set up by Freaky Pug of the single 'Vixen - Part 1, 2, 3 & 4', I have had music featured on high profile music websites such as itunes, Amazon Music and Spotify. The song 'UFO' will be available through Red Dragon Records, and at a later date Brit Rock Army, through different music platforms online.

1st Renaissance - Artwork

One day I came across the artwork for the compilation album '1st Renaissance' by Red Dragon Records, which will feature my track 'UFO'. I thought it was a very eye catching cover. I hadn't noticed at first, but my album cover for 'The Orange Line' had been one of the album covers used to make up the compilation cover. I was delighted about this as I do enjoy making the art for my music, and to have it featured on this cover is a great privilege.

2012 has been a very surprising year for me. I began this year not knowing what direction to go in, or what sound I wanted to create. I even considered whether to stop writing and recording music altogether. The support of other people has definitely been a massive contributing factor in me creating 'The Orange Line' and continuing to pursue my music. Friends, musicians and those dedicated to getting independent music out there - the promoters, radio DJs, PR agents, etc, have all helped.
It is only a few weeks until 2013. This may be my last blog entry for 2012. I would like to thank everyone this year who has helped out, you are all amazing people. Good luck and every success in 2013!

Watch this space,

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Radio, Reviews and Twitter II

So, what's been happening since the last blog post?  Quite a lot actually.  I am delighted with the pace with which things have picked up and the opportunities that have come my way.  I am actually feeling very lucky at the moment and hope that things continue the way they have.  Let me summarise what has been happening since the last post.

Jim Gellatly's Amazing Radio Show

I was slowly being rocked back and forth as the bus ascended the road it was on.  I had just recently taken a picture of a suitcase that was hilariously perched on top of a bus shelter, as you do.  I checked my Blackberry and saw the wee red flashing light.  I checked my phone and I had received an e-mail.  It was from someone from Amazing Radio stating that Jim Gellatly had selected one of my songs from my amazingtunes account and would play it on his show that weekend.  Elated, I was consumed in sheer delight.  I couldn't wait to hear it.  At this time I actually had no idea what track had been selected and I had to wait until the weekend to find out.  

So on the Sunday, I sat there, with my mobile phone and watched the tracks come up on Jim's show on the Amazing Radio website.  I excitedly scanned back and forwards through the tracks that had been played and were currently being played, to make sure I hadn't missed it.  Then with great delight, my name appeared, 'Wullae Wright: Red Bridge'.  I was delighted he had selected this track as I would regard it as one of my best songs.  It was the acoustic Red Bridge from Opus. 1.  A good few of my friends contacted me to let me know they had heard it and their support was amazing.  I was absolutely delighted with Jim's description of Red Bridge, saying it had "...shades of acoustic Radiohead".  For me, an unbelievably fantastic compliment.

Red Dragon Records - 'Renaissance' Compilation Album

Sourcing more people through Twitter to network with, I somehow found Red Dragon Records - or they found me, I do not remember.  They were organising a compilation album entitled 'Renaissance' and were looking for unsigned musicians to contact them for this.  So I did.  I had always wanted my music to be featured on a compilation album as it would get some exposure and is generally just cool to be on.  I had originally submitted 'Operation Payback' from my album 'Anonymous'.  I received an e-mail from Red Dragon to say that one of my tracks had been shortlisted for the compilation album, and to ensure it makes it onto the album, I would have to get people to 'like' the track on a Red Dragon Facebook page.  Excited, I had a look on the Facebook page and was surprised to find my track 'UFO' had been selected for the compilation album.  I was delighted at this because the song was from the new album I'm working on, and would give it some exposure.  I was contacted by music technology student Karis Amber Carise who told me she had selected 'UFO' for the shortlist.  I was so thankful to her for selecting it and for her kind words about the song.

As a solo musician I had concerns that I would not be able to make high numbers for 'UFO' - as I was competing against bands who could have three or five band members and so have five times the amount of support as I would have.  This did not dissuade me from trying.  I persevered and contacted many people through different networking sites including Twitter, Facebook and Soundcloud.  The amount of support I received was fantastic and I am incredibly thankful to everyone who helped out by sharing the link for the song and by suggesting it to friends etc.  I had people I didn't even know like it, and some sending me lovely comments about the song.  I was so grateful.  I was particularly thankful to my wife who shared the link and got lots of her friends to like it etc.  I'm also forever grateful to Stuart Carroll for his help with the strings on 'UFO' and for his constant support.

The number of likes for the track reached around 49 and sat at that number.  Other songs were reaching into the 100s.  I watched the progress of the other tracks.  Red Dragon Records had put that they would selected the top four songs, with the most likes.  I could see that I was not in the top four and thought that my shot of being on the album were over.  To my absolute surprise I received an e-mail stating that Red Dragon Records had in fact selected six tracks instead of four, and I had a guaranteed place on the compilation album.  I was absolutely delighted by this.  I competed all necessary steps to ensure that there would be no problems with this.  'Renaissance' is expected for release on 07/01/2013.  They are still going through the shortlist process with other bands, but I feel comfortable knowing that I am definitely on it.  So thanks to everyone again, because I wouldn't be on it if it were not for all you guys and your support.

Niji Magazine Feature

I had mentioned in the previous post that I was awaiting Niji Magazine and their feature on my music.  One day I was browsing through my Twitter account and clocked Niji Magazine and the feature on me.  I was so excited and immediately had a look.  It was excellent, putting audios up from Soundcloud and it was an edited version of my own short biography I had sent them.  I was absolutely delighted by this.

Freaky Pug PR/Records

I was delighted to receive a message from Freaky Pug Records stating that they had including my last blog entry as a top feature in their online newspaper.  I was so thankful to them for this, and was delighted that the lovely people at Freaky Pug had enjoyed the blog entry.  After finding out about the Niji Magazine feature, I excitedly posted tweets etc about IT.  I was so grateful to be told by Freaky Pug that they had included this feature as a top feature on their online newspaper too.  This kind of support and exposure is absolutely amazing and much appreciated.

Freaky Pug has recently teamed up with Brit Rock Army to create a compilation album.  I was very excited for them and thought that they would do such a great job with that.  I did not hesitate to submit tracks to them for consideration - submitting 'UFO'.  If shortlisted for the album, the process will be much the same as the Red Dragon process of people having to 'like' the track.  I can only wait and see what happens.

Album/song Downloads

Since the last blog entry I have had quite a bit of success with my Album and individual song downloads.  I was not expecting the level of downloads I have received and I am of course absolutely delight by this.  I have had 17 album downloads and 8 song downloads.  'AFTER. THE. RUSH. HOUR'S. GONE' has been downloaded 7 times, 'Opus. 1' 3 times, 'In Cloud Cuckooland' 4 times, 'Anonymous' 2 times and 'Welcome to the Anonymous: Alternative Version' once.  I've also had 'Red Bridge' downloaded 3 times, 'UFO' 3 times, 'Surveillance Society' once and 'La Rue. Noir. Paris (A Portrait of the Streets of Paris at Night)' once.  This has been my most successful time for downloads ever, and this is all due to the support from everyone around me, so thank you everyone.

Exciting prospects

This is just some of what has been happening, aside from the odd bit of recording and editing.  I have had an extremely amazing proposition recently, which I am currently in talks with.  This is creating some very very exciting prospects for me and my music for 2013 and particularly 2014 if all goes as expected.  Exciting times ahead people.

Watch this space,

Monday, 8 October 2012

Radio, Reviews and Twitter I

The last few weeks to a month or so have been a complete and utter rollercoaster.  Nothing could have prepared me for what has happened.  As coherently as I can retell, I have had great support and interest in my music due to my endeavours through Twitter.  I did not consciously go out my way at first, but as things snowballed, I decided to keep pushing.

Around the week starting Monday the 17th of September 2012, I was using my Twitter account.  I had barely anyone following - around 20-30 people.  I, likewise, was not following many people.  This did not bother me, but I was obviously not going to get much attention this way.  The whole and sole purpose of my Twitter account was to promote my music through it.  I one day began looking for radio stations and blogs that reviewed unsigned musicians.  I thought I would maybe contact a few amateur bloggers and see if they would review my music.  So I browsed through the numerous suggestions Twitter threw out at me.  Many caught my attention, and I decided to follow them, and blatantly just ask if they would review my music.

To my surprise, I have had quite a few people reply and act on my requests, which has never happened to me via this social networking site.  I have had an online magazine Niji take details from me, and say they would do a feature on me and my music which I am delighted about - as I requested an album review.  I am still waiting to see what they put up.  I also sent information requested by Music Review Unsigned Magazine, which I am also waiting to see what happens.  I have had other bloggers, etc state that they would have a look.  I was extremely surprised to find one day that Radio presenter, DJ and music columnist Jim Gellatly had liked my Facebook page.  This sort of attention is exactly what I am interested in getting for my music.

The most exciting and supportive individuals however, have been Freak Pug PR/Label, who asked around for unsigned musicians to complete a Q&A interview form to be featured on their website.  I completed the details and sent it back to the lovely people at Freaky Pug, who put my Q&A interview up on their site a week or so later.  The review is absolutely fantastic and I am so grateful to them for supporting myself and unsigned musicians like me.  Freaky Pug described me as:

"Wullaes musical diversity and experimentalism provides an outstanding mix of sounds, from the beautifully haunting Red Bridge to the fantastically progressive Juxtaposition. This blend of styles reaches to each end of the music spectrum and pulls them unmercifully into one awesome set that will keep any audience truly captivated.  Wullae can currently be found in and around Edinburgh where he is in the middle of recording his new album ‘The Orange Line'.  Definitely one to look out for." - Freaky Pug (

I have also enjoyed some online radio play which I was not expecting at all.  I have contacted people about airplay before, but nothing came of it.  This time, it did.  This is the first time I have had my recordings played on the radio.  I played on Sunny Govan Radio in Glasgow in 2007 live, performing my songs 'Jinx' and 'A Butterfly, A Bouncy Castle and A Pole Joust'.  I was so excited to be told that I would have my recordings played on air.  What I found particularly interesting was the songs that the radio stations decided to choose.  I was made aware by The Wall Rock Radio, that they had selected two of my songs to play on air.  I was delighted and wanted to know which ones.  They had selected 'Red Bridge' (AFTER. THE. RUSH. HOUR'S. GONE version), and 'Surveillance Society'.  I was surprised with these song choices, but absolutely delighted they would play them, as I never regarded them as songs to be played on the radio.  I later found that I had also been featured on the Unsigned Music Show's live online broadcast, playing my song 'Red Bridge' (AFTER. THE. RUSH. HOUR'S. GONE version).  I had no idea they had selected it to be played, and only listened to it on their podcast - which is available here 

I still await the Niji feature and to see what Music Review Unsigned has written.  I am still currently going through Twitter and adding anyone relevant, and blatantly asking them for features etc.  If you don't ask, you don't get.  That's how I see it.  Twitter has been an invaluable tool in networking with relevant people, and I will keep using it to my advantage.

Watch this space,